Comminications Agency

The innovation agency

Alongside with good old classics we use innovative instruments of integrated marketing communications.

And have our customer’s objectives satisfied at a new level of efficiency.



Who are we?

A team of specialists of different professional backgrounds

– PR specialists, journalists, marketing experts, sociologists,

business analysts,designers, photographers and many others

– jointly accomplishing missionsof any level of complexity for 8 years already.




What can we do for you?

- Conduct PR campaigns for your business;

- Crisis alleviation PR management;

- Conduct PR events and activities: press-conferences, press-tours, press breakfasts and many others;

- Conduct different sorts of event marketing activities;

- Production and placement of advertizing materials in the format of your choice: text, graphics, video, audio;

- Develop and implement communications strategies.



Our team implemented projects for:



Who are we?

We have been working with top-notch brands – leaders in their categories.

Our team implemented projects for:


Mobile operators

Car dealerships

Large-scale state-owned companies

State institutions

The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Of The Republic Of Belarus




Organizers of forums and exhibitions

And other...

Why should you choose us?

We work on the most unusual, unconventional and challenging projects:

Own project our Agency - Belarusian portal of extreme sports

The first international conference of crowd economy in Minsk


On the verge of a new era

We are ready to visit your office with an expanded presentation